Plan your obligations simply

Every Monday and Wednesday you take your child swimming, to piano practice or to another extracurricular activity? Every day you drive your child to and from school? If you know you have to drive your child to a dentist appointment next Tuesday, but can’t leave work earlier to do it, we offer you what you value the most – your time.

The RIDE4Kids offer is as a service providing professional and safe family transport for your loved ones. We offer the flexibility and convenience of booking a one-time or recurring ride so you can plan ahead and organize your schedule quickly and easily.

Safe and on time

Book the rides you need in advance to make sure your child will reach her or his destination safely and on time. Your trust in the professional quality standards of our service is of the utmost value to us. We guarantee the safety of your child at every moment of his or her ride with us.

We offer individual and group transfers with one or more drivers, depending on your needs.

50% discount

Choose a one-way ride and get 50% off the return journey!

One-way ride:

Vehicle Type (Van - Standard) Start Cost Cost per km Waiting cost
Mercedes V-Class 20,00 HRK 12,00 HRK 40,00 HRK/hour
Opel Vivaro 15,00 HRK 10,00 HRK 40,00 HRK/hour
Standard vozilo 5,00 HRK 5,50 HRK 40,00 HRK/hour

50% discount for return journey:

Vehicle type (Van- Standard) Included kilometers Cijena po KM Cijena čekanja
Mercedes V-Klasa Up to 10 km Up to 3 hours 330,00 HRK
Opel Vivaro Up to 10 km Up to 3 hours 290,00 HRK
Standard vozilo Up to 10 km No waiting 110,00 HRK

FREE waiting time

If you need transport for a smaller group of children, we are waiting for your call. We drive young athletes to hockey, football, and other games, various athletic competitions, and all kinds of sporting events. We can transport smaller groups of up 8 passengers. In this special offer, the waiting time for return is free. We have children car seats ready upon request and offer transportation in new vehicles: Mercedes-Benz V-Class or Opel Vivaro.


For the youngest too

Free car seats available in different sizes are available: 0-9 kg, 9-18 kg, and booster seat: 18-36 kg. We recommend that you inform us about the number of children and the need for the child seats while booking your ride.


Safe service - Professional driver - New and clean vehicle

This unique taxi service for children focuses all the attention to maximum privacy and security. Experienced and licensed RIDE2 drivers will ensure absolute safety with maximum comfort.


Your kids with us safely wherever and whenever!


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