Predict your first step in your journey

Often, we plan the whole trip, accommodation, excursions, but miss the first step of our journey – how to get to the airport or from the airport. For a complete experience and ease of travel, we offer the RIDE2FLY service package.

As part of the RIDE2FLY service, we continuously track the estimated landing time of your flight according to your flight number. In case of an earlier landing or delay, we will make sure to send the driver to pick you up at the appropriate time. Our licensed driver will give you a friendly welcome when you land and drive you to your desired destination.

The practical RIDE2FLY service allows you to precisely define the costs of transportation in advance, which is very convenient for companies and business travelers.

In our fleet, you can find vehicles that meet your needs perfectly.

We offer new vehicles in 5 categories: Standard, Electric, Van, Premium and Premium Van. Besides classic vehicles, the RIDE2 fleet includes electric vehicles so you can give your contribution to the planet by riding safely and ecologically.

If you want to be 100% certain your ride will be waiting for you when you're rushing to catch a flight or land at an airport, book your RIDE2 professional Chauffeur service via e-mail: rezervacije@ride2.com at least two hours in advance. In case you did not make a reservation in advance, you can order your RIDE2 taxi ride on the number 1616 if you are calling from Croatia or +385 072 800 100 if you are calling from abroad.

Along with exquisite service quality, we also offer competitive prices.

For transportation to or from the airport, the price starts from just 50.00 HRK.

The price does not vary by the number of passengers; it depends only on the length of your ride.

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