Top 3 Trips in Slovenia

Top 3 Trips in Slovenia

Slovenia, although small, holds great pride in its rich and unique tradition.

The capital Ljubljana exhibits a delicate balance of German, Mediterranean and genuinely Slovenian heritage. Enjoy a stroll through the old town and take in at least a bit of what Ljubljana has to offer.

If you plan to spend a little more time in Slovenia, here are the top three destinations close to Ljubljana we think you should consider including in your itinerary:


  1. Lake Bled

Lake Bled is among the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia. This gorgeous lake is situated at 475m above sea level in the Julian Alps of north-western Slovenia. Enjoy the untouched natural beauty, fresh mountain air, crystal clear waters, local cuisine and hospitality of the locals in this peaceful region attracting visitors from all over the globe.


  1. Postojna Cave Park

The incredible Postojna Cave, with its magnificent stalagmites and stalactites, and an abundance of biological variety, is a system of tunnels and caves 24km long and dating back over two million years. The average temperature in the Postojna Cave ranges from 8°C to 10°C with 95% humidity, so if you're visiting in the summer, we recommend packing appropriate clothing. The guided tour of the cave, which includes a ride on the underground train, takes about an hour and a half. Experienced tour guides will let you in on many of the cave's secrets buried for millions of years.


  1. Triglav National Park

National Park Triglav extends along the Italian border and is close to the Austrian border in the northwest of Slovenia. The park gets its name from the Triglav mountain, the highest peak of the Julian Alps and tallest in Slovenia at 2 863 meters, located at the heart of the national park. Triglav National Park is home to many walking and hiking trails. If you're planning on going walking or hiking in the mountains, please do it safely and choose a trail according to your hiking experience, athletic ability, available equipment, and weather forecast.


If you're landing at Ljubljana Airport, these three destinations get our recommendation for getting the most of your time in Slovenia. These are the trips we are sure you won't regret taking. For the best shuttle service to and from Ljubljana Airport, check out the RIDE2 offer sLOVEnia.


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