Taxi in Zagreb - Ride your way

Taxi in Zagreb - Ride your way

There is a taxi service in the City of Zagreb that can help reduce the amount of fossil fuel used in the next 20 years.

Research shows that the development of electric vehicles for autonomous driving and car sharing can significantly reduce fossil fuel use by the year 2040 for 30%. Economist Spencer Dale writes that the future will bring an increase in travel for individuals and that we will largely replace traditional vehicles with electric ones.

A part of the RIDECAR portfolio of services, RIDE2 Taxi is a brand built on passenger transport using electric vehicles. We at RIDE2 are constantly adapting to new mobility needs and requests from customers wanting the best taxi service in Zagreb, and soon coming to other cities in Croatia.

This service is also available in Slovenia. RIDE2 offers shuttle transit from Ljubljana Airport, as well as group transport at low prices.

If your business needs transport in the city or airport pickup, we offer simple and safe transportation services for employees, clients, and groups. Payment for companies is easy - a single monthly invoice, with a complete listing of all rides in the billing period.

Our standard offer includes transport to and from the airport, starting from 50HRK. The price is not affected by the number of passengers but varies according to distance traveled. Our mission is to provide professional and reliable services in all areas of passenger transport.

If you need transport for guests to and/or from your conference, party or any type of event, head over to "VIP ride". Book a comfortable, trustworthy and modern transport service.

RIDE2 Taxi in Zagreb is the safest and best choice for city transport, inter-city travel and airport transit.

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