Electric vehicle charging stations soon on every corner

Electric vehicle charging stations soon on every corner

Electric vehicles are day by day becoming a more wanted means of transportation so charging stations for these types of vehicles are developing as well.

Even though the infrastructure for electric vehicles is still underdeveloped it has a positive progress in its development. One of the advantages of electric vehicles is that you can charge the vehicle anywhere you want to. For an example, you can put your vehicle on charge before bed and wake up to a „full tank“ without going to the gas station on your way to work or elsewhere.

In the automobile industry there has been a great change. Today there is nearly no production company which has not started working on electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are already a trend that can be seen on the streets around Croatia. The prices of electric vehicles are getting more acceptable by each day and the costs of car consumptions are much smaller than that of a regular, gas vehicle.

As electric vehicles do not produce toxic gases, they are safe for our environment as well as for our own health. If the number of electric vehicles would be bigger, the level of pollution would be rather smaller. Beside the fact that an electric vehicle is good for the environment, it also possesses great driving qualities. If you have ever driven in an eletric vehicle, you could have notice how quiet they are. The only sound that the vehicle makes is that of the tension formed between tiers and the road. One more advantage of the electricity operated cars is that electricity can start the automobile easier. This means that, comparing it to a more traditional vehicle, electric vehicle is prone to start quicker and can be maneuvered more easily.

In Croatia the first two electric charging stations were set in 2010. in towns of Labin and Vukovar. By the end of 2012., HEP has introduced a series of activities through their development project E-mobility and it is expected that by 2020. on the highways around Croatia, there will be at least 164 charging stations. The stations will be organized so there is a station every 50 kilometers. This way the owners of electric automobiles will be able to charge their vehicles on the same level of availability as the owners of traditional vehicles. Also, in Croatia there are electric charging stations which are set on public locations and every vehicle with a proper identification has a permission to use them, with no regards to the supplier of energy. There are, as well, private stations (which are, for an example, parts of hotel garages). All of HEP's charging stations are in the public domain and charghing on them is currently completely free. One of the companies that has also recognized the potential of the electric vehicle is Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom) and they have set up stations in 56 cities around Croatia.

In the public garages of Zagreb electric charging stations can also be found and they can be simultaneously approached by two vehicles. Charghing on them is also completely of charge. The parking ticket for owners of electric vehicles is the same price as the regular ticket. Actually, the subscriptions to the public garages are cheaper for 50% for the users of hybrid or electric vehicles.

In Zagreb public garages you can charge your electric vehicle on 5 locations and these are:

  • Public garage Langov trg, Trg Josipa Langa 13
  • Public garage Petrinjska, Petrinjska 59
  • Public garage Tuškanac, Tuškanac 1b
  • Public garage Kvaternikov trg, Trg Eugena Kvaternika 6
  • Public garage Gorica, Martićeva 6


Step by step, the automobile industry is going through a modernisation of the branch. RIDE2 is also going to invest in the further development and modernisation of our service with an emphasis on the RIDE2 taxi service with electric vehicles. As is RIDE2, which is a part of the ALLRIDE Mobility solutions, our other branches RIDECAR and BIZZRIDE fleet will also be supplied by more electric vehicles in time. In this way we are giving our part to environment and its protection.

Taxi service with an electric vehicle or any other kind of vehicle of your liking, you can reserve through the telephone number 1616 or through RIDE2 app for iOS or Android.

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