Airports as an atraction and place of great fun?

Airports as an atraction and place of great fun?

7 most interesting facts about airports

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Although airports are not usually the destination it does not mean that your time can’t be utilized for a new experience or an interesting attraction. Waiting for a flight or connected flight does not have to be a long, bottomless bore of sitting on an uncomfortable chair or suitcase while you are waiting on every minute. Even though the airports today can be truly fascinating places that offer amazing content, almost worth the visit regardless of whether you are flying or not.

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Airports are most famous for duty-free shops where you can always supply yourself with your favorite perfume brand, buy sweets and chocolates as a sign of attention for your family or for your sweet tooth, perhaps a bottle of quality alcohol and get a great deal thanks to reduced tax. Your shopping doesn’t have to stop there – airports all around the world, but also the domestic ports every day improve the gastronomy, shopping and entertainment offerings so you would not feel like you are losing time and comfort on your journey.

Airport Zagreb

 Zagreb's "Franjo Tuđman" offers "From Designers With Love", where it’s possible to buy outfits by local designers, souvenirs and kitchen accessories, as well as smaller furniture. Other large ports such as the one in Frankfurt or Amsterdam Schipol have been supplied with hundreds of world-renowned manufacturers, as well as locally significant boutiques (Wolfskin or House of Tulips) and is true shopping heaven.

RIDE2 Airport Zagreb

Schipol airport, Amsterdam

Are you a regular museum visitor when you travel? Do you like art and relaxing with a quality book? Schipol in Amsterdam is an airport that contains its own Holland Boulevard - a branch of the well-known Rijksmuseum. Take a look at 17-century paintings during your breaks from flying or settle in the peaceful, meditative atmosphere of the museum's library.

Munich Airport

The visitor park at this airport includes a playground and a mini golf course, which, if you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, can be a great way to spend it. The real sensation happens in the summertime when a pool with stationary waves is set, a nice way to learn how to surf. California waves are just one flight away from Munich.

Heathrow airport, London

Known for being one of the most beautiful airports in the world, Terminal 5 of this luxurious London airport offers beautiful views of countryside landscapes and Windsor Castle. Even if you're just passing through Heathrow, you can experience the brilliance of the British atmosphere. Round up the entire royal experience at the Fortnum and Mason restaurant, a London-based food restaurant.


Helsinki Airport

Only twenty minutes from the airport in Helsinki there is the Finnish Air Museum where you can see about 80 different types of aircraft and many other things related to the enchanting human power of flying. The airport in Helsinki isn’t only a place where you just pass by, but you can also learn about the technology and history of the aircraft.

Zurich Airport

You are feeling a bit tight after the flight and want to have some recreation? Zurich Airport offers its visitors and passengers the opportunity to rent sports equipment, including bicycles and skates, with which you can go around the airport. Instead of going from chair to chair, take a ride through the huge corridors of the airport.

Frankfurt Airport

You always wanted to know what it was like to fly a plane? Try Boening 737 piloting in a simulator located in the Frankfurt airport and become a captain of a plane for a moment.


Obviously, airports can be interesting and thrilling places. Arrivals and departures from the airport can be a pleasant experience with the RIDE2Fly service, guaranteed and on time (regardless of injuries or delays in flight), your professional driver will welcome you. Book a car by booking@ride2.com or call for a RIDE2 taxi service and arrive or leave the airport safe and comfortable.


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